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The Divine Comedy
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Topic: Comedy
The LibriVox Free Audiobook Collection
by Joris-Karl Huysmans
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LibriVox recording of Là-bas by Joris-Karl Huysmans. (Translated by Keene Wallace aka Wallis) Read in English by Peter Tucker The plot of Là-Bas concerns the novelist Durtal, who is disgusted by the emptiness and vulgarity of the modern world. He seeks relief by turning to the study of the Middle Ages and begins to research the life of the notorious 15th-century child-murderer Gilles de Rais. Through his contacts in Paris (notably Dr. Johannes, modeled after Joseph-Antoine Boullan), Durtal...
Topics: librivox, audiobooks, religion, Catholicism, satanism, profanity, self-examination
The Video Blender: A Capsule of Memes and Videos 2010s
by All Things Dark Shadows & Beyond
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Dark Shadows - 2004 - Pilot - WB - Never Aired No Copywrite infringement intended. Posting for the simple reason that for 32+ years I have Loved Dark Shadows in all it's interactions and as this Pilot failed and was never Broadcast and it was only seen by a select few Fans at Dark Shadows Festivals I felt it would be nice for us fans less financially fortunate to be able to see it as well. Additionally because I appreciate and Respect the efforts of the Production Crew and the Amazing Cast...
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Topics: Youtube, video, Entertainment, Dark Shadows 2004, Dark Shadows, Collinwood, Barnabas Collins, Alec...